Build Predictable Revenue Growth with Bell Rock Consulting

Bell Rock Consulting helps companies build predictable revenue growth with the Growth Engineering Framework™, a methodology that connects and aligns functional organizations including product, marketing and sales to enable data-driven optimization. Our deliverables include a forward-looking growth model, key metrics, process design and a growth dataset tailored to a company’s unique product, target customers and revenue growth opportunity.  Strategic leadership, the right data for decisions, rapid experimentation, and revenue reverse-engineering result in predictable growth.

Introducing The Growth Engineering Framework

We designed a new methodology to help companies achieve product/market fit, hone a profitable and scalable business model, and maximize hyper-growth acceleration.

How the Growth Engineering Framework can help your company build predicable revenue growth:

  • Employs a phased approach with approriate steps from early stage through hyper-growth
  • Provides a forward-looking growth model to evaluate product decisions and marketing investment
  • Supports experiment selection and performance evaluation for growth hacking and growth marketing
  • Creates an evolving growth data structure that supports decisions now and future optimization
  • Aligns sales and marketing with streamlined process and common metrics
  • Helps marketing deliver the right leads and pipeline for sales to achieve quota
  • Enables the reverse-engineering of revenue creation resulting in predictable revenue growth
Growth Engineering Framework graphic


We are proud to have worked with the following amazing companies to help accelerate their growth:

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