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Revenue growth optimization connecting product, marketing and sales™


We offer a portfolio of data-driven services that span organizational boundaries to create predictable revenue growth.  Our services deliver measurable results to leaders in product, marketing, operations, sales and finance.


Enterprise B2B venture-backed software startups are our most frequent clients, but our services are relevant to any technology company seeking product/market fit, a scalable business model, or guidance of a rocket ship in hypergrowth.  


Our methodology is based on the Growth Engineering Framework™ which models a company as an economic system with linkages between product, marketing, operations and sales to optimize revenue growth.



Bell Rock Consulting was founded by Troy Wendt in 2010 to help clients "crack the code" for breakout revenue growth.  Troy developed a keen interest in the drivers of revenue growth in his first product management job leading Cisco's highest revenue product line in the early days of hypergrowth.   Pricing strategy, data analysis and predictive modeling skills were honed as product family revenues grew from $500M to $3B in 3 years.  

Many lessons were learned in two unsuccessful startups that followed.  It turned out that significant funding, a brilliant idea, and a big market were not sufficient to get traction and ramp revenues.  Startup #3, Aruba Networks, did have the attributes of success and was a great opportunity to understand and move the levers of growth to achieve $100M+ in revenue and IPO.   

The thrill of rapid revenue growth and agony of business failure coupled with operational experience in information systems, software development, marketing, product management and sales operations have fostered a viewpoint of growth that became the foundation of Bell Rock Consulting's services -- companies are interconnected systems of functional groups that can be optimized to maximize revenue growth: 

Predictive Growth System

Bell Rock Consulting's services are focused on co-creating predictable revenue growth with data-driven services that span product, marketing, operations, sales, and finance.



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