Introducing the Growth Engineering Framework™

Posted by Troy Wendt on May 23, 2017 10:07:38 AM


A painful problem for many companies is lack of predictable growth.  Marketing is driving hard to deliver leads, and perhaps attribute efforts to pipeline.  Sales goals come from the top down, with quotas set to achieve required company revenues.  What often happens?  Bookings don't hit plan, but the corrective actions to get company revenues on track are not clear.


The Growth Engineering Framework™ is a synthesis of operational and consulting experience, combining insights and analytics from years of work improving revenue growth at a wide variety of companies.  The methodology creates linkages and enables optimization across product, marketing, sales, operations, support, finance and executive leadership.  The framework represents a phased roadmap of systematic team effort guiding companies to build a data-driven, feedback-based economic system that produces predicable revenue growth.
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Topics: Growth Engineering, Revenue Growth

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